UV spectrophotometer in pharmaceutical analysis.

Naturally available chemical compounds and metallic ions are the basis of life. These chemical compounds are building blocks of all biological structures and biological processes. Pharmaceuticals use these chemical compounds to get relief from the diseases that our body faces. 

It is important to analyze the level of chemical compounds that are actually required. Dangerous levels of these chemical compounds can become toxic and cause serious damage to internal organs or even death. 

The qualitative and quantitative analysis of UV Visible spectrophotometer is used to analyze the level of compounds that are present in the medicine. 

The property of absorption of each compound differs in a unique way. UV visible spectrophotometer measures the intensity of the light that passes through the sample. 

This provides the information of light absorption that defines the different substances that are present in the pharmaceutical compounds. This helps quantify and qualify the pharmaceutical compounds and ensures the safety of the pharmaceutical compound for human health.

Many drugs are in the form of raw materials or formulation, they can be assayed by making a solution with a suitable drug solvent. The absorbance of the substance can be measured and qualitative analysis is performed using a spectrophotometer.

Applications of UV spectrophotometer in pharmaceutical analysis.

Qualitative analysis that is performed with either method achieves fast and accurate results using a small volume of samples. It is also economical to use it in the pharmaceutical industry.  Qualitative analysis is an effective method to determine the different forms of organic compounds and helps to ensure patient health and safety.

Qualitative Analysis – Paracetamol Quality Control

Paracetamol is the most common medicine around the world. Paracetamol or acetaminophen is also commonly referred to as Tylenol. 

This Paracetamol is found in prescriptive drugs, this is used as active pain relief ingredients, fever reducer, headache, and numerous cold and flu remedies. and is safe when taken as directed by the physician. 

Acute overdose of paracetamol can seriously affect health and even lead to fatal and its toxicity causes liver failure.

The qualitative analysis enables us to ensure the measurement process of active ingredients is precise and free from impure compounds. 

These spectrophotometry results provide data that can be used for consistency and quality control in product formulation. This data assure the proper dosage and measurements that can be used for medical application.

Qualitative Analysis – Drug molecules are properly absorbed in the body

UV-visible spectrophotometer qualitative analysis provides pharmaceutical researchers to clearly identify and determine whether the drug molecules are completely absorbed by the body and distributed to the right places. Pharmaceutical researchers make use of this qualitative analysis or protein analysis to get exact drug formulations.

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Protein analysis with UV spectrophotometer

Protein is the most essential bioactive molecule necessary for alimentation, immunity, and metabolism. The presence of protein content in the body fluid is the vital index for the evaluation of health index and clinical diagnosis. 

It is important to determine the protein content in the body for chemical evaluation and clinical medication. It is also crucial to determine the factors that define the protein structures and functions and how does the factor affect the biological activity.

  • Serum Albumin (SA) is the main protein present in the blood plasma that helps in transporting and disposition of many drugs. This protein is used as a model for investing in protein folding and ligand binding mechanisms.
  • Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) consists of three linearly arranged and structurally homologous sub-domains. The binding sites of BSA for endogenous and exogenous ligands may be in this domain.
  • Pyrimidine is the key building block for pharmaceutical agents. It exhibits a wide spectrum of pharmacophores such as bactericidal, fungicidal, analgesic, anti-hypertensive, and anti-tumor agents.

Protein- Drug interaction

In pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, fluorescence techniques are a great aid in the interaction of protein and drug because of their high sensitivity, rapidity, and ease of implementation. 

The fluorescence and UV visible spectrophotometer is used in the determination and understanding of drug interaction with proteins that are important for therapy and drug formulation.


UV spectrophotometer is an effective method in the identification of pharmaceutical compounds which helps researchers in a great way to determine the right level of pharma compounds that are safe to health.

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