Set The Right Air Purifier

Air purifiers and cleaners all work to purify the surrounding air. The main purpose of an air purifier is to kill all pollutants and make the air fresh and safe for breathing.  In markets, many air purifiers work on different air purification technologies. These technologies assist in the whole process of air purification. You may have felt baffled with so many options in the air purifiers.  To clear your confusion, 5 types of air purifiers and cleaners are well developed to purify the air. The right air purifier will be in sync with your house environment and product freshness and safe air all the time. Buy the best air purifier to get a good quality of air.

While buying an air cleaner or air purifier, you have to take a closer look into its air purification technology. Different types of purifiers and cleaners use different air purification processes. And based on this, the air purifiers get their name. Again you have to pay attention to your need for an air purifier in your home. Any random air purification system will not effectively purify the air. You need to be specific about purification technology. You have to understand the type of air purifier and its technology to select the right one.

Why The Proper Selection Needed?

When you properly select an air purifier, after considering all its parts and components.  it purifies the air effectively. The improper selection can lead you to worse scenarios. An air purifier is installed in the house to improve the quality of air which ultimately enhances the health of people. If you randomly choose some air purification system, it can start affecting your health.  So, it is advised to consider all parameters before buying any natural air purifier.

The Common 5 Types Of Air Purifiers And Air Cleaners

The market is full of air purifiers and cleaners of all sorts. Like there is every type of air purifier present in the market. It comes in all shapes and sizes. You can choose any air purifier, at your convenience. But the most important thing to consider about air purifiers is the air purification technology it uses. The air purification technology cleanses the air and produces fresh air for breathing.

Following are the most common 5 types of air purifiers and cleaners:

  • HEPA Air Purifiers And Cleaners
  • Activated Carbon Technology Air Purifiers And Cleaners
  • Ionizer Air Purifiers And Cleaners
  • Ozone Generated Air Purifiers And Cleaners
  • UV Technology Air Purifiers And Cleaners

All these 5 types of air purifiers and cleaners are developed in the market for the air purification process. These technologies are efficient in purifying the air around you.

1.  HEPA Air Purifiers And Cleaners

HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. It is a type of filter which is used to filter out the particulate matter from the air. The HEPA filters are good at trapping the least pollutants of range 99.7% also. All small particulate matters also get trapped in the filters which eventually cleans up the air. The pollutant size larger than 0.3 microns also gets trapped into these filters.

Following types of airborne pollutants get trapped in the HEPA filters:

 Trapping these particulates by the HEPA filters makes a sanitary environment that is good for the breathing process. An advantage of using the HEPA  air purifiers is that there is no byproduct of it. That means, no harmful or harmless things ooze out of a HEPA air purifier.  This makes these types of air cleaners more approachable.

The fibres of HEPA filters are very fine mesh-like that have been folded extensively in the air purification system. The rapid folding of fibres gives an accordion-type appearance. The small particles get trapped in these meshes. Further, these meshes also give a large surface area to air for the recirculation. The purified air is pushed to the fan which expels out the purified air from the air purifier.

The more the air passes through the HEPA filter, the more air gets purified.  A HEPA filter lasts for about 2 to 3 years. It gives a good time service before getting worn out with an effective air purification process.  It is recommended to buy the best air purifiers with HEPA filters for good purification of air.

2.  Activated Carbon Technology Air Purifiers And Cleaners

Here, the activated carbon is the form of carbon that is all processed. The further processing of carbon makes it porous enough to absorb the fine pollutant particles. It provides a large surface area for the process of absorption. 

The use of activated carbon dates back to the 1900s, where it was used for air purification and water purification. Due to its porosity, the activated carbon is used for trapping the air-borne pollutants from the air. The activated carbon filters are made up of many molecular size pores that have high absorption capacity.

The following pollutants can get trapped easily in the activated carbon membrane:

  • Gases
  • Chemical Emissions
  • Tobacco Smoke
  • Bad Odors etc.

A specialty of activated carbon is that once the pollutant gets trapped into the membranes. It is not released back to the air. Thus, it helps in preventing the recontamination of air. The air cleaners and purifiers with the activated carbon technology help the patient with MCS. Patients with asthma and other respiratory diseases should also use the activated carbon purifiers.

Carbon purifiers are very efficient types of air purifiers. No matter how contaminated the air is,  it purifies it in less time.  The pollen dander and dust mites also get trapped into the filters. It is good for babies as well as elder persons also.

3.  Ionizers Air Purifiers And Cleaners

Ionizers are based on the use of ions for air purification. These ionizers use the negative ions in the process by magnetically attracting the pollutants. This attraction makes the ion heavy which makes it settle down the floor of the house. This technique is advanced, but it has some drawbacks as the heavy pollutant particles settle down to the floor which again forms the ground of contamination.  This makes the technology less efficient in the air purification process. There is no disposal of pollutants getting attracted to the ions. 

So, the ionizer type of air purifiers are less efficient but can be useful in tracking down the pollutants. If you are settling an air cleaner in your house, then the ionizer type of air purifier is not recommended.

4.  Ozone Generated Air Purifiers And Cleaners

Ozone-generated air purifiers produce ozone gas which is harmful for inhalation. The air purifiers of this kind can successfully reduce the contaminant in the air, but the byproduct of ozone gas is also released. The ozone gas can ignite some sort of respiratory problems like asthma etc. So, it is not recommended by the government as well as health professionals. Further, the ozone gas can scar up the lungs that are not good for a healthy life.

Also, the ozone-generated natural air purifier does not reduce all types of contaminants from the air. This is another disadvantage of it.

5.  UV Technology Air Purifiers And Cleaners

The UV technology in air purifiers converts the oxygen molecules and water into ozone gas and hydroxyl. The active molecules formed in the reaction destroy the pollutants in the air. The harmless byproducts are formed which are water and carbon dioxide. Though the UV purifier is good at destroying the pollutants, it still expels out ozone which is not good for health. A good UV cleaner should minimize ozone production. The effectiveness of UV purifiers depends upon the wattage of the light.  The more UV light, the more the purification process happens. Further, the Uv lamps require regulation which should be done correctly.


The above-mentioned are the 5 common types of air purifiers and cleaners that are used for air purification. Among the 5 types, the best ones were HEPA and activated carbon type. These technologies do not emit any harmful products and are also good at the air purification process. You can best buy an air purifier for the home of these technologies.

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