Importance Of Air Purifier During Covid-19

The covid-19 impact can be reduced by practicing good social distancing and wearing masks. These would significantly break the chain of outbreaks. But living in polluted air is not a good thing. The above-mentioned practices are the most effective ones, but to surround yourselves with good quality of air can also aid in the prevention of the covid-19. The transmission from the air is called aerosol transmission that can be prevented by the installation of air purifiers and air cleaners.

As the numbers of covid cases are skyrocketing, people are going indoors and relaxing. In this case, the air you inhale should be pure, and devoid of any kind of impurities. It is said to keep your homes and offices clean to avoid the breeding grounds of many viruses and bacteria. You need to ensure that the air you inhale is of high quality and doesn’t possess any type of impurities. According to the study of WHO, the coronavirus outbreak can be prevented with good sanitation practices and social distancing. An air purification system does the work of filtering the impurities.

In the market, there are several air purifiers and air cleaners which purify the surrounding air around us.  You may buy best air purifiers for your home and office at a good price.  Though people have shifted their work machinery to remote places, the need of inhaling quality air has become important.

The Work Of Air Purifier/Air Cleaner

Both the devices are meant to clean the surrounding air with their technology. When you look into the market, you get to know numerous clean air machines that claim to eradicate viruses(including coronavirus), bacteria, and other suspended particles. However, to some extent, the air purifiers lack the technology to surpass the pandemic virus. But can surely help in the prevention of it by not contributing towards the breeding grounds.

The work of an air cleaner is to clean the air and make it fit for the breathing process.  An air purifier or air cleaner sanitizes or purifies the air. Both devices can use some air purification technologies that would further help in the air purification process.

The Types Of Air Purifiers

Generally, all air devices or machines fall into two categories :

  • Sanitizers
  • Filters

Some air purification systems employ both kinds of categories in the same unit. This ensures effective cleaning of the air.

Filters –  The filters are designed to purify the indoor air quality within a natural air purifier. Filters remove the natural pollutants from the air by physical methods. The removal of tiny particles happens in this section of the air purifier. Impurities found in the natural air are not that hazardous but can give rise to allergies when inhaled continuously. So, most air cleaners have this type of filter to remove the physical matter from the air. The most used filter is the HEPA (High-Efficiency particulate arresting) filter. They are used in homes and offices.

Sanitizers – This type of air cleaners are designed for cleaning viruses, bacteria, mold, fungal spores, etc  These impurities or pollutants are found floating in the air around us. Further, these impurities are a lot worse than the above physical impurities. Prolonged exposure to these causes several breathing diseases. This category comes up with UV light devices to kill microbes. 

What Is The Use Of HEPA Filters And UV Light Air Cleaners?

HEPA filters and UV light cleaners have the same purpose of providing rich quality air. An air purification system has a cleaner and filter to pull out the impurities from the air. They also make sure that the air remains in their reservoirs so that the air can be recirculated.  HEPA filters are made up of special fibers that trap tiny particles of range .01 micron. These fibres have a trapping capacity that helps in the air purification process. A tiny fraction of impurity can also get trapped in these fibers.

On the other hand, UV light devices don’t remove anything from the air but kill the viruses present in the air. As it is said that normal air does contain viruses and other microbes that are killed with the action of UV rays. In addition to killing viruses, the UV rays also kill the spores of fungi and molds effectively.  The sanitizers employ such systems to kill viruses and other microbes. To some extent, coronavirus can also be killed with UV light. However, UV light does not exclude the coronavirus completely but is effective in cleaning the other viruses.

Other Clean Air Devices

Apart from the air cleaners and air purifiers, there are some other devices also which clean the surrounding air. These are as follows:

  • Ionizers -  The ionizers impart an electrical charge to the impurities. It pulls them towards oppositely charged collector plates. By this process, the impurities get evicted from the air and hence, produce good quality air. These devices can be found fitted to the ceilings, fans, curtains, carpets, etc.  As these devices come in contact with the impurity of opposite charges, the attraction process happens which helps in further air purification. The process used here is similar to the static electricity process.
  • Ozone Generators -  These generators are good at altering the oxygen molecule composition. The normal air we breathe has two molecules attached. While the ozone generator alters this configuration and makes it a three-molecule oxygen-ozone. The ozone reacts differently with the environment.  This makes the air devoid of any kind of impurities. But not good for breathing purposes. However, some industries do employ such systems. 

Are These Clean Air Devices Safe To Use?

As far as safety is concerned, devices like HEPA filters and UV light, and ionizers are good to use. They do not have any side effects.  But inhaling the ozone-rich air can be bad for your health. This can also result in lung damages and other breathing disorders.

People having asthma are more prone to infections of air. They are advised to best buy air purifier to breathe in good quality air. You can go for any of the three purifiers except the ozone one. The ozone generators are for the cleaning up of the environment, but not good for breathing purposes. 

Are The Air Purifiers Good For Elimination Of Covid-10?

The coronavirus is present in the lower end of a HEPA filter’s range. Hence, it can be inadequate for the removal of the covid-19 virus.  In one single go, these filters cannot kill the pandemic virus. But when the HEPA filters are used for a longer time, it removes a larger chunk of viruses. A lot of viruses can also be killed with the implementation of UV light. Some of the viruses, including the coronavirus, get disabled with exposure to UV light.


In simple terms, it is seen that the air purifiers are good at preventing the virus outbreak.  The UV light and HEPA filters are all good for the eradication of viruses, bacteria, and other physical matters. People who are infectious to asthma and other breathing disorders should install a purifier to breathe out good quality air. As most people are residing indoors at this time, it is advised to buy the best air purifier for home.

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