Air Purifier Vs Air Cleaner

Going further with the differences, there is also a difference between the room purifiers and home purifiers. This generally depends upon the capacity of elimination of toxic substances. It may happen the former is less capable of removal of toxicants than the latter one. With this there are some more differences between an air purifier and an air cleaner which are listed below:

1. Filtration Rate

Filtration is called the process through which various air-borne toxicants get filtered out. Both the devices perform this process at their own pace. An air purifier helps in the process of filtration by trapping toxic substances. The toxicants are trapped in the automatic sanitizers. On the other hand, an air cleaner has mechanical air filters which filter out the particles of matter out from the air. Here the air purifier’s automatic sanitizer has an advantage over the air cleaner’s mechanical air filter. The latter has to get changed in 6 months. The natural air purifier also uses these mechanical air filters for filtration purposes.

2. Removal Of Air Borne Pathogens

As mentioned above, there are many types of air-borne pathogens present in the air. These can cause some severe diseases. In this case, the air purifiers come to the rescue. An air purifier removes or kills the air-borne pathogens and makes the air ideal for inhalation. On the other hand, an air cleaner fails to remove the air-borne pathogens and hence, not fit for the air purification purpose.

3. Cleaning Of Dust And Particulate Matters

Particulate matters are hazardous to the health of human beings. They can be present in the air in a small amount (ppb) but can cause massive severities. The air cleaners here have a special system to collect all dust particles and dander. Ultimately, air cleaners give out clean air free of dust and dead cells. On the other hand, an air purifier does not have such an apparatus for trapping dust particles and sometimes gives out dust-laden air.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

Before going to buy any of the above devices, cost-effectiveness is observed. In the case of air cleaners, the maintenance and cost are more. In other words, it is not easy to handle these air cleaners. On the other hand, the best air purifiers are easy to handle and have less maintenance cost than the air cleaner devices.

5. Other Features

The main feature of both devices is to filter the air to make it ideal for human beings. However, some additional features are also there which marks the difference between the two. In air cleaners, there is an additional fan that circulates the dust particles, causing a lot of noise pollution. While the air purifiers do not have the additional fan and thus, do not produce noise.

6. Area Covered

This parameter marks the major difference between the two above devices. The area covered by an air cleaner is more than the air purifier. Air cleaners cover the whole of the home area or the office area for filtration purposes. While the air purifier only gives out the purified air in the particular room. Hence, they are also called room purifiers.

7. Air Circulation

In any air device, air circulation plays a major role. It ensures that the pollutant air removes off and the fresh air comes up. In an air cleaner, the air circulation is done by the additional fan fitted in it, but the air purifier lacks it. This earns an extra point to the air cleaners over the air purifiers.

What Makes An Ideal Air Purification System?

An ideal air purification system is the amalgam of both the air cleaner and air purifier. It uses both devices' feature of filtrating the indoor air by their equipment. Here the UV lamps can also be used to remove the air-borne pathogens from it. To get the ideal air for the inhalation purpose, the combination of both is good.


Air purification systems are necessary for maintaining a healthy environment indoors. This makes the best air purifier for home and office. As a person, you can go for either of the two in your homes and offices. Both do the same work but have some different points that differentiate both.

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