Reduce The Chances Of Covid-19 Infection

In this pandemic hour, only wearing a mask, or maintaining social distancing is not enough. The virus is more powerful than our imagination. People are employing other measures also for combating the virus. They are aiding in the decrease of the virus and its infection through setting up different appliances for the reduction of virus infections. Air purifiers or air cleaners are one such appliance that is used for combating viral infection. With this, proper sanitization and maintaining all social distancing measures are necessary.

With the rise in cases, people are urged to stay indoors to break the chain of corona infections. We spend 90% of our time indoors in a safe and sound environment. But how safe is the air inside?  Do we know this? The answer can be “no”. The air we inhale in our homes also contains some impurities that can harm us and pave the way for the entry of covid-19 infection. Some other types of viruses and bacteria are also there in the inside air, which makes the air polluted. To prevent such air from inhalation, an air purifier can be installed. An air cleaner or air purifier can clean up the air and give out refreshing air to breathe. 

Viruses and bacteria are of many types. We are not going into detail. But here’s an overview of how mucus-based viruses and microbes get transmitted through the air.

The Spread Of Mucus-Based Viruses

Viruses are the highly spreading microbes among the microorganism family. We are still witnessing the spread of covid-19 which is a mucus-based virus itself.  Scientists and researchers from all over the world are searching for the plausible mode of their infection in humans. According to some studies, it is observed that the virus transmits through the air or aerosol transmission.

Covid-19 infection is a contagious virus that has a causative agent called severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS_CoV-2). As the virus encounters a mucus membrane, like eyes, nose, and mouth. It starts to impair the mechanism of the body by circulating to the lungs.  The patients of covid-19 undergo difficulty in breathing which can lead to death also. Further, the virus can weaken the immune system also. It is advised to the older people to not go outside unless it is necessary. Studies have shown that this virus attacks more in the mucus membranes.

With aerosol transmission, the viruses of measles and influenza get transmitted. However, the coronavirus has different modes of transmission.

Generally, a mucus-based transmission can occur through following ways :

1.  Through Indirect Or Direct Contact

The viral infections are different from the other microbial infections. It can get transmitted through the mere touching of objects and their surfaces. The mere touch from the virus-infected person can also result in the transmission of the virus. In this case, the air purifiers don’t have more impact. But they can help in maintaining a good environment in the place. Moreover, the installation of an air purification system helps in eradicating the breeding grounds of these viruses.

2.  Droplet Transmission In Short Range

When a virus-infected person exhales, the droplets come out with the virus. The same droplets are inhaled by another healthy person, which can get the infection. The droplets here are larger in shape approx. >5microns in diameter. They can tend to fall out rapidly in some seconds to minutes causing infection to another person. In this case, the air purifiers are not helpful. But the social distance and wearing masks is safe.

3.  Long-Range Aerosol Or Airborne Transmission

During the exhalation of an infected person, droplets get trapped in the air for a longer time. These droplets remain in the air for a considerable time that can cause infection to many healthy persons in one go. The air current can start filling up with these small mobilizing virus droplets. In this case, you can best buy an air purifier that would help in reducing such droplets from the inside air. The filtration filters help in the process.

The Process Of Filtration Through An Air Purifier Or Air Cleaner

The air purifiers or air cleaners are well fitted with a robust air purification system. They have specialized filters for filtrating the air-borne pollutants and other impurities of air. All air purifiers have certain levels of air purification which is dealt with by the filters and other components. A natural air purifier also contains the same system for air purification

Following are the certain levels of filtration in an air purifier or air cleaner :

Passive Purification

In this purification process, the specialized filters are fitted which discard various pollutants of the air. The microbes, dust mites, pollen, pet dander, all get trapped in the HEPA filters of an air cleaner. The filter is made up of fine meshes of fibres that are highly specialized for the trapping of pollutants. This level of air purification discards almost 80% of air-borne pollutants. It is also effective in recirculating the purified air.

Active Purification

Here, no filter is used but a set of different meshes are present in a natural air purifier. The pollutants which cannot be trapped in the above level get trapped here. Here, the actual air recirculation happens, which helps in breathing out fresh air. At this level, the radon(ultraviolet particles) also gets trapped which can be carcinogenic in nature. The best air purifiers have these levels of air cleaning mechanism. 

Active + Passive Filtration

This level of air purification system has both the above levels in synchronization. It consists of motors, chassis purification, and other components of air purification. You can always buy the best air purifier for home by considering all parameters. Some air purifiers in the market generate an irritating sound and some don’t. The motor part, as well as the filter part, should also be considered while purchasing an ideal air purifier.  Generally, the work of an air cleaner is to filter and purify the inside air without opening the doors and windows.

Air Purifiers In Virus Reduction

As mentioned above, the air purifiers are good at trapping the infectious microbes in their meshes. In all levels of air purification, infectious viruses can be discarded.  This removal is done by the following methods in the above level of air filtration :

  1. The pre-filter present in an air cleaner removes the large particles. This increases the adsorption time for the device.
  2. The part of the electrostatic device adsorbs the tiny particles that can be full of viruses and bacteria. The pollutants here get charged and move to the oppositely charged area. And with this way, the pollutant gets removed from the air.
  3. A dust collector is also there in a natural air cleaner, which helps in collecting the dust.
  4. The activated carbon is used for trapping harmful substances like ammonia which can help in the virus infection.
  5. In some cases, ultraviolet lamps are used for deactivating the RNA of the virus and bacteria. Further, it also kills many microbes or germs in the air.

Cause Of Freshness of Air Through An Air Purifier

One of the components of the Air purification system, a negative ion generator releases the negative ions. This eventually makes the purified air fresh and ideal for the breathing process.


As from the research, it is proved that air purifiers cannot kill the covid-19 virus, but can surely help in maintaining the hygiene in the area to combat the replication of it.  You can make sure that your people and loved ones stay safe and inhale good quality air when inside.

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