Test If Your Air Purifier Is Working

Air purifiers are the potential and effective device that enables you to clean the indoor air. These air purifiers remove harmful air pollutants from the air and allow you to breathe fresh and clean air. Indoor air comprises a lot of pollutants that cannot be seen and affect our health. Seasonal allergies cause a blocked nose and sore throat. We may not know how we got infected suddenly. Indoor air is also the reason for your health getting affected adversely. It is vital to take concern on the indoor air for enhancing your health and keeping you fresh.

It is well known that air purification systems are used to clean indoor air. But how do you know that your air purification system is purifying the air?. It can be hard to trust something that cannot be seen with our eyes. So, how do you know that your air purifier is really working? Here we are going to discuss a few methods to test the working condition of the air purifier.  Here we will concentrate more on checking for the HEPA technology air purifiers (i.e, air purification system with filters inside).

Check The Indicator Lights

In recent days air purifiers have come with light indicators. There are different types of air purifiers available with different working principles. Depending on the type of your air purifier the light indicators are available that you need to check with your air purifier manual.

Generally, the indicators are available for filter replacement, fan speed indicator, ion mode, pollen mode, and air quality indicator. 

If you feel that the air purifier is not working then you need to check the filter replacement filter first. If the indicator reflects a red light then it should be replaced immediately without any delay.

Test Airflow In Your Air Purifier

The simple way to test whether your air purifier is working is by checking the airflow out of the air purifier. 

Air purifiers that have an internal fan draw indoor air into the purifier. The filters that are incorporated in the air purifiers filter out the harmful pollutants from the indoor air, the purified air recirculated in the environment. If you find that the air purifier is on, but you couldn’t feel the airflow out of the purifier then your air purifier is not working properly. Here are few points listed out,

  • The internal fan in the air purifier does not work heavier to pull the contaminated air in and blow out the purified air.
  • If the fan is very louder than the normal decibel then the filter needs replacement or there might be another underlying problem that needs to be taken care of.
  • If you find the sound in the air purifier is reduced then it’s probably not pulling enough air to improve air quality.
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Regularly Check The Filters In Your Air Purifier

The most common reason for your air purifier not purifying the air may be a bad filter. As the indoor air is pulled and passed through the filters, the airborne contaminants in the air will get clogged up in the filters. It should be replaced regularly for the effective functioning of the air purifiers.

Modern best air purifiers come with a filter replacement indicator that will alert you when your filter needs replacement. Most of these indicators work like timers. It indicates you as the manufacturer's recommended period passes by. It is better to check it manually. If you are more concerned with the indicators, best buy air purifiers with indicators that use sensors. 

If you are located in highly polluted areas the filter needs to be changed frequently. Many air purifiers use more than one filter that has to be checked frequently and replaced at the right time. Usually, three types of filters are available in the air purifier,

Pre-filters: These filters trap the large airborne particles to protect the damage of cost-effective filters inside. These filters get clogged up frequently and hence it is to be replaced every 2-4 best buy air purifier weeks depending on the usage. Some pre-filters are easily washable.

Activated carbon filters: These filters remove odor and harmful gases in the indoor air. These filters are to be replaced once in 6 months as they get contaminated very easily. 

HEPA filters: HEPA filters remove ultrafine airborne particles, allergens, trap and deactivate the bacteria, viruses, or pathogens that are present in the air.

When you inspect the filter, if you find any discoloration, black spots, or dirt in the filter, it should be replaced immediately without any delay. Otherwise, your air purifier may become a source of pollutants that spreads bacteria, molds, or particulates back into the air. 

A clean-looking filter after doesn')few months doesn’t mean that they are working effectively. Many pollutants are too small to see that can damage the filter. This is the reason behind the need for testing the air quality monitor.

Use Air Quality Monitor To Test Your Air Purifier

One of the effective ways to check whether your best air purifier for home is working or not is to monitor the air quality indoors. The test is very simple. At first, the baseline air quality with the purifier off is noted. Then turn the air purifier on and monitor the quality of the air with all the doors and windows closed. If you determine any improvement in the quality of the air then the air purifier is working effectively.

Depending on the size of the room the best air purifier for home could purify the air at the effective levels between 30 minutes or in an hour. If you find that your air purifier with little or no change in the air quality within a substantial amount of time then your best air purifier for home is not working.

Nowadays the best buy air purifier comes with an inbuilt air quality monitor that allows you to monitor the quality of the air. But sometimes this cannot be reliable. Because some of the air purifiers would be equipped with cheap sensors that might provide you with inaccurate reading. In addition to that, the air around the air purifier might be the cleanest air and the readings do not reflect the entire indoor air quality of the room. It is vital to check that the air quality monitor incorporated in the air purifier has high sensitivity to sense the entire indoor air quality.


The air purifier is a potential tool to clean indoor air. Three simple ways such as testing the airflow out of the air purifier or air cleaner, Analyzing the differences with the internal fan, regular replacement of the filters, monitoring the indoor air quality. If any of these are not working properly then effective steps are to be taken to make your air purifier work effectively. 

AerMax 500-air cleaner is the best buy air purifier that comprises true-shield HEPA filters which effectively removes 99.97% particulates of size larger than 0.1 microns. This allows deactivating the microorganisms within a fraction of minutes. AerMax 500- air purifier also comprises an activated carbon filter that removes odors and VOCs in your environment. With frequent air changes that air pulled through the HEPA filtration for every 10-12 minutes empowers your indoor air quality. Do not have an air purifier yet, do get AerMax 500 and breathe healthy and clean air.

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