Air Purifier - Maintenance Tips and Guides

What do you do to maintain clean air in your home? Probably, you will go for an air purifier or air cleaner to purify the air around you. By purchasing a good air purification system, you can ensure that you only inhale a good quality of air.  Investing in a good air purifier has good advantages over your health and your loved ones. Moreover, it also helps in maintaining a healthy environment in the home.  However, with the setting up of these air purifiers, safety practices should also be done. 

Setting up a natural air purifier makes the home clean and surrounds you with good quality air. But maintenance of such air purifiers is also important to get clean air for the breathing process. You should know how to maintain the longevity of the air purification system.  Ther air purifiers need to be maintained to prolong their smooth working and efficiency.  With proper care and a set of maintaining practices, you can easily maintain the natural air purifier in your home.

Why Do We Need An Air Cleaner Or Air Purifier?

The air which prevails in the environment has many kinds of air-borne pollutants. These pollutants are infectious. It can cause many severe respiratory diseases like asthma etc.  Some pollutants also choke up the nasal orifices and cause great damage to the respiratory tract.  This all happens due to inhaling the pollutant full air. To prevent such a bad breathing process,  you install an air purification system in your home. It is advised to best buy air purifiers for your home to breathe in clean and healthy air.  In addition to air purification, these air cleaners can also make your home aromatic.  This all freshens up your home air and produces good air. Thus, it is said to be the best air purifier. 

How Do An Air Purifier Or Air Cleaner Works?

The work of an air purifier is to clean up the surrounding air.  All types of air pollutants such as pet dander, chemicals, dust mites, bad odors, and pollen, get expelled by the component of the air cleaner.  The component works by pulling out these pollutants by trapping them into the air filters.  The specialized filters absorb the air-borne pollutants in them and thus, making the air clean.  There is also an electric fan that blows the purified air in the house.  It all helps in air purification.

Tips For Maintenance Of Air Purifiers

The maintenance of air purifiers depends on the type of filter and components used in it. Different types of air cleaners have different sets of maintenance tips. For maintenance work, you have to study the material of the air purifier to make it more efficient.

Following are some of the tips for maintenance of the air purifiers or air cleaners:

Clean Up The Filters Of Air Purifiers

The air filters used in an air purifier are of different types. These are as follows:

  • Pre-Filters – Pre-filters are an essential part of the air purifier. These are cleaned and washed regularly.  The cleaning of pre-filters depends upon the model you are purchasing. The pre-filters are used for the trapping of large pollutants.   It is made up of looser weaving materials. The pre-filters material is looser than the HEPA filters. You can wash or change the pre-filters regularly.   The main purpose of pre-filters is to extend the life of HEPA filters. This ensures the proper cleaning of the air around you.
  • HEPA Filters -  The HEPA filters are meant to pull out the thinnest of pollutants also.  It is made up of thin fibres that are specialized to trap small air pollutants.   The filters trap pollutants permanently and clean up the air with effectiveness.  This makes the HEPA filter the most expensive filter. But they can be checked regularly to get effective air purification.  As the filters are expensive, they cannot be replaced timely. But can be washed and cleaned to prolong its life.  Also, you can check the clogging of particles in these filters to ensure that there are no such big clumps of pollutants. The best air purifiers come with these filters. 
  • Carbon Filters -   After the HEPA filters, the specialized type of filter is the carbon filter. These filters are made up of activated carbon chunks, which are well fitted in an air purification system for trapping the chemicals and odors etc.  In the market, the carbon filters come in varieties that depend on their densities and their level of purpose.  For some areas, you don’t need any extra powerful air purifiers, in that case,  you can rely on the simple air cleaner with carbon technology.

The bigger the carbon filter, the more it absorbs the air-borne pollutants.  The thickness of the carbon filters also serves the purpose of air purification.  The larger amounts of carbon are present in the activated stage which adsorbs most of the pollutants and odor full substances in the filters.  To maintain the carbon filters, you can check on them at regular levels to track the functioning of the filters.  As per your air purification requirements, choose your air purifier.  This also helps in the maintenance of the air purifiers.

Always Check The Air Purifier’s Indicator

The air purifier indicator shows the air purification levels, which should be checked regularly.  Always make sure that the air produced from a natural air purifier is clean and good in quality.  This also helps the inefficiency of the air purifiers.

  • Don’t Use Any Type Of Detergents To Clean The Filters Of Air Purifiers
    The air filters used in the air purifiers are made up of very sensitive material which should be handled with care.  While cleaning the filters, make sure you don’t use any type of detergents and related stuff. This can harm the filters and resists the air purification process.  Always use the cleaners to clean the filters (HEPA, Carbon, Pre-filters ).
  • The HEPA And Carbon Filters Are Not Frequently Washable. 
    Do not wash the HEPA filters and carbon filters daily, as they are the permanent type of filters that require cleaning every 3 months.  Instead of cleaning, you can check their functioning and also replace them regularly to aid in air purification.  The use of vacuum cleaners should also be avoided.
  • While Cleaning The Air Purifiers, Make Sure You Use a Dry Cloth
    As air purifiers are electronic devices, they require electricity to drive them. So while cleaning the filters, always use the dry cloth without any drop of water. This ensures your safety as well as good cleaning of the air purification system.

The Purchasing Tip For The Air Purifiers

When  you decide to purchase an air purifier or air cleaner, you keep in mind that the various attributes like:

  • The area of the place in which the air purifier is to set up
  • The technology used- Whether it has carbon filters or HEPA filters
  • The air purification rate

This all affects your installation of an air purifier. So, as per your budget and requirements do choose a perfect natural air purifier. This would help you buy the best air purifier for home in less time.


The air purifiers are sensitive to external injuries.  It should be maintained in high priority. So that you can get a good quality of air for the inhaling process. The proper maintenance of such filters can prolong the efficiency of the air purifiers.

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