Air Purifiers - Does It Make You Sick? Here’s 5 Things to Consider

While installing an air purifier, you must have pondered over the question, “Will this save you from illness?”  You might become skeptical about buying an air purifier.  But the truth is, air purifiers are well designed to expel out air-borne pollutants and produce fresh air for the breathing process. One who is suffering from respiratory ailments,  like asthma,  or infection to air, should install an air cleaner or air purifier in his or her home.  These devices are also known as clever devices that make your home pollutant-free and fresh.  Moreover,  the natural air purifier also discards the unpleasant foul smell from the air and replaces it with fresh air. 

It is well proved that air purifiers or air cleaners do not make you sick.  It is well developed to clean up the surrounding air and maintain the freshness around you.  Further,  air purifiers improve your health by providing the best quality of air for the breathing process.  The work of air purifiers is to kill and reduce the contaminants from the air.  It is advised to buy air purifiers to get a good quality of air for the breathing process.  

So, when you go out to purchase the right air purifier, keep on the checklist of specifications. This is done to ensure that you only choose the right air purification system.  To get a good quality of air, it is necessary to use it correctly and maintain it right.  If not done so, there are other consequences of it, which is not good for your health.

Let’s see the 5 things of consideration that are important in the selection of an air cleaner or air purifier.  The consideration is important for ensuring that the air purification system is improving your health and not making you sick.

1. Use The Air Purifier In A Correct Way

Many people get into the rush of buying an air purifier and use it inappropriately. This is very wrong. When the air purification system is used correctly, then only it aids in the improvement of health.  If you are not using the natural air purifier correctly, then there is no use to set up an air purification system. 

The best and simple way to use an air cleaner correctly is to keep it switched day and night. When you first install the air cleaner or air purifier, switch it on its strongest setting. This setting expels out all nasty air-borne pollutants from the air in your room.  This all air purification happens quickly with the help of air cleaners. In the case of small rooms, the air purifiers take as little as 30 minutes, but in the case of large rooms, the air purification can take up to 2 hours for the first cleaning of the air.

After this, don’t switch off the air purifier, as it can pave the way for various contaminants in the air. Instead, you can simply turn the power down. 

2. Avoid Purchasing The Ozone Generating Air Purifiers Or Cleaners

In the market, there are many types of air purifiers operating. One of the types is ozone-generated air purifiers. These air purification systems emit unstable gas ozone as their normal functioning or as a side-effect. The ozone gas is made up of three oxygen atoms, instead of two atoms. It is believed that ozone helps in destroying the air-borne pollutants of the air.  It destroys the microbes, irritants, and other contaminants from the air. So, ozone is used in air purifiers.

But ozone gas is a toxic gas that causes cases of inflammation of the throat and lungs of the person.  Overexposure to ozone gas is also very hazardous that can cause severe respiratory diseases like coughing, tightness of the chest, asthma, etc.   You must have bought the air cleaner for protecting your loved ones from pollutants, but selecting an ozone-generated machine can damage the health of your and your loved ones. Further, breathing the ozone-rich continuously can make the person have an irreversible lung disease that cannot be treated easily. Best buy an air purifier of good technology to sustain a healthy inhaling process. 

While the ozone is safe in small amounts, it is good to avoid such air purifiers.  It is recommended to use such models in empty rooms only.  while purchasing an air purifier, read the specifications very carefully. Don’t go for any air cleaner which has the label of “activated oxygen” or something similar. Some ionic air purifiers also use ozone technology for air purification. Don’t go for such products. In an ionizer air purifier, the electricity-driven ions can interfere with the oxygen atoms and turn them into ozone. So, it is not advisable to buy such air purifiers. 

3. Go For the Household Hygiene

A prevailing myth about air purifiers is that once you have installed an air purifier or air cleaner, there is no need to  maintain house hygiene.  This is very wrong.   Not maintaining house hygiene can aid in the surge of pollutants. On the other hand,  cleaning your house frequently and in a good way aids in the proper air purification process. The cleaning of the house leads to minimum dust and pollen in the house which in turn helps in the reduction of troublesome pollutants.  So, it is a good practice to maintain the hygiene of the house for good air purification.

4. Change The Air Filters Regularly For Getting Good Quality Of Air

Not regularly changing the air filters can cause worse problems to you. If you are using a HEPA filter to trap all air-borne pollutants then you have to change the filters every 3 months.  It is important to clean the filters to ensure good quality of air passes out from the system.  If you don’t do so, then the pollutants can get clogged into the filters and resist the air purification process. The drying bacteria which have got clogged into the filters can release the toxins into the air. The toxins are not good for your health.  And these toxins get blown back to the room making the environment bad. During the process of air purification,  the mold spores also get trapped into the filters which can also shoot back if the filters are not cleaned or changed regularly.  Moreover, these spores can grow into your clothes too, causing pollution once again. So, it is recommended to clean or change the filters to get a good quality of air.

5. Check All Ratings And Standards Of An Air Purifier Or Air Cleaner Carefully Before Buying One

The last, not the least thing which you have to consider before buying an air purifier is to check the ratings and standards. This is done to make sure that the air purification system which you are buying is of good quality.  You can look for the clean air delivery system (CADR), that describes the efficiency of an air cleaner.  It answers your questions like, “How efficiently the air cleaner can reduce the air impurities?, “Does the air purifier give off the fresh smell?”, etc. The higher the rating, the more reliant the product is.  Not all air purifiers have the same rating. So, check the ratings before buying any air purification system.


In an overall sense, air purifiers or air cleaners are safe to use. The air purifiers are good for reducing the air pollutants from the air.  Like any other machine, you have to do prior research before purchasing the one and use it correctly for good results.  It is said that it is best to buy an air purifier for home to make the house fresh and safe.

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