COVID-19 patient safely isolated at hom

Air purifiers that include the HEPA filters are extremely effective at filtering viruses and help reduce the risk of the spread of coronavirus. HEPA filters are made of tightly weaved interlaced glass fibers to effectively remove the ultrafine particulates in the air. HEPA filters remove 99.97% of fine particulates of size as small as 0.1 microns. Viruses, bacteria, or other pathogens that are smaller in size can be easily removed with these ultrafine HEPA filters. 

Initially, it was believed that the coronavirus spread through droplet transmission. The droplet transmission means the virus transmitted from one person to another only when the individual comes in contact with the infected surfaces or inhales the droplets when the infected person coughs or sneezes. It is considered that COVID-19 coronavirus is not airborne, social distancing and wearing masks may help reduce the risk of coronavirus spread. But recent research in the National Institute of Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Princeton University realized COVID-19 can survive in the air particles for up to three hours. WHO (World Health Organization) admits that coronavirus is airborne. And hence the spread of coronavirus grows at a faster rate. It is vital to follow the precaution to stop the spread of airborne coronavirus by wearing masks, washing hands regularly, sanitizing hands and belongings properly, avoiding gatherings in the public, maintaining social distancing, and more.

The Decision to care for COVID-19 patients at home

The World Health Organization suggests guidelines to care for the COVID-19 patients at home. When the capacity is not sufficient in the health care services to meet the demand then the individual with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 is considered for home care. Some patients who have been discharged from the hospital also cared for at home. Caring for the infected person at home increases the risk of transmission of the virus to others at home. Isolating an infected person is an important contribution to stop the spread of coronavirus or break the chain of virus transmission. Isolating and care for the infected person depends on three factors:

  • Clinical evaluation of the infected person (COVID-19 patient)
  • Home setting evaluation
  • Ability to monitor the COVID-19 patient’s clinical evaluation at home.

When the patients care at home they need to adhere to the recommendations for home care isolation. The requirements such as respiratory hygiene supplies, environmental cleaning materials, isolating the infected person in the room that has basic facilities, sanitizers, and more. The patient’s room should have good ventilation with a less polluted environment. If there is poor ventilation or high pollution outdoors then in such cases the best air purifier for home with HEPA filters can be used.

HEPA filters can effectively trap a large chunk of airborne microorganisms in the air, through which the airborne COVID-19 coronavirus can be easily trapped. But how can these HEPA air purifiers or air cleaners help when the person is already infected or recovering from COVID-19. How can this air purification system help to stop the spread of viruses in the same family? Tips to isolate the COVID-19 patient safely.

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How Do HEPA Air Purifiers  Help Recovering COVID-19 Patients

The HEPA air purification system has numerous health benefits regardless of COVID-19. It enhances your indoor air quality by removing fine particulates like pollens, pet dander, unpleasant smell, smoke, harmful gases, viruses, or other pathogens present in the air. Here are some of the simple steps to follow that will guide you to get the maximum benefit from an air purifier.

1. Isolation Of COVID-19 Patient With Air Purifiers

It is a common suggestion given to the individual to be quarantined for some days when they are suspected to be infected by the coronavirus. The patient needs to be isolated from the family members in a separate room to prevent the spread of coronavirus to other persons in the family. to prevent the spread of coronavirus to other persons in the family. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-CoV-2 (SARS-CoV-2) affects the lungs and the respiratory system. HEPA air purifiers can be used in the patient’s room, at a maximum distance of 3 feet from the patient at a medium speed. The best buy air purifier produces noise of low decibel ensures that it does not disturb the sick person’s sleep.

2. Select The Right Air Purifier 

The need for the air purifier is to stop the spread of coronavirus from the infected person to the other persons in the family. Another need is to provide healthy and clean air to the infected person. It is very stressful for the infected person to get isolated. Clean indoor air will reduce stress and feel healthy. Clean indoor air can be provided by improved ventilation or using HEPA air purifiers.

Best air purifiers with CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) that match the room size are to be selected. Choose the best buy air purifier with a high Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) that can provide good and healthy ventilation for the average room size. These HEPA air purification systems are extremely effective at removing viruses from the environment. These HEPA air purifiers are portable, affordable, and effectively improves indoor air quality.

3. Effective  Ventilation  reduces the risk of coronavirus

If you are located in a place where pollution is less, then you can increase your ventilation by keeping your windows open. Increasing ventilation indoors reduces the risk of coronavirus transmission and reduces the concentration of coronavirus in the environment. Generally, it is suggested to keep the window open when the Air Quality Index (AQI) levels are below 50. In contrast, if the outdoor pollution level is higher then this will potentially harm the patient. In such cases, the best air purifier for a home can be used with windows closed. This will give you fresh air to breathe in.

4. Precautions and proper use of air purifiers

HEPA viruses trap all the viruses in the environment. The viruses trapped in HEPA  filters will die within 48 hours. While replacing HEPA filters they should carefully dispose of them like medical disposal. It is recommended to wear gloves and use a mask when replacing the highly infected HEPA filter. Make sure that the potentially infected HEPA filter is disposed of in a sealed bag. If your air purifier has any pre-filter. It should be washed effectively with disinfectant.

HEPA filters are to be replaced frequently for the effective performance of the air purifier.


When the COVID-19 patients are at home, caretakers, household members should take support and advice from health workers. Reduce the patient’s movement around the house and isolate the infected person in the room that has the basic facilities. Caretakers of the infected person must be in healthy condition. Hand hygiene is recommended after and before any task such as eating, preparing food, after using the toilet. Use limited things until you get alright. Do not mix the things used by the infected person and other household members. Provide proper ventilation in the room or clean environment. Have hygiene food as advised by the health caretaker. Install air purifiers if the ventilation is poor. The best air purifier for home helps you provide a clean and healthy environment.AerMax 500 - air cleaner or air purifier provides you a healthy and clean environment. This air cleaner includes HEPA filters and can trap viruses of 0.1 microns and deactivates 99.97% of microorganisms, ultra-fine particulates in the indoor environment. Get your air purifier now with Aermax 500, improve indoor air quality and have a fresh and healthy environment.

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