The covid -19 pandemic has shaken the whole of the world with its attacks. Many people lost their lives, work, and loved ones due to virus infections. To break the chain of infections, people are urged to remain in their homes. Here comes the need for portable air purifiers which work in the purification of the air process. However, portable air purifiers cannot kill the virus as a whole. But can surely discard the breeding ground of many viruses and bacteria. A portable air purifier is made up of a HEPA air filter which has thin meshes that can trap the impurities in it. Many different types of air-borne pollutants float in the air which can harm the human body. These pollutants can be very hazardous, like viruses and bacteria, or less hazardous like dust mites. With a portable air cleaner or air purifier, you can discard all these impurities in one go. 

Respiratory droplets are the main impurities of air-borne pollutants of the indoor air which helps in the cause of many severe breathing diseases. The droplets are inhaled by the healthy person that can make him or her sick. But when you install a portable air purification system in the room, you can easily discard the impurities from the air. Up to some extent, the covid-19 virus can also be discarded. Due to the portability of natural air purifiers, they can be transported from one room to another with ease.

The Mechanism Of Portable Air Purifier

A portable air purifier or air cleaner also works in the same principle as any normal air purification system does. All air purification processes are the same in the natural air purifier. A little difference is there in the air filters which are quite different from the standalone air cleaner. The HEPA air filters are the hot cake of the portable air purifier. HEPA air filters trap the pollutants from the air and circulate the fresh air back in the room. A small fan is also there in the portable air purifier which dispenses the air to and fro in the air purifier.

Elimination Of Covid-19 Virus With Portable Air Purifier

It is a well-known fact that the covid-19 virus can propel In the air through multiple channels. It is very difficult to view, how the virus transmits from one person to another. Some transmission ways are recognized which are: ballistic air droplets process, airborne particles transmission, and through contaminated surfaces. However, there are more transmission ways of the virus through which it can make its way.

The portable air purifiers or cleaners can limit the virus spread over long ranges. Air purifiers in their HEPA filters can capture all airborne pollutants in a very long range of the room.  This makes the portable air purifier or air cleaner, the first option for an air purification system.  With a portable air purifier or air cleaner, the purification time is also less.  It can purify the air at a rate of up to 6 times per hour in the room. In contrast to the standalone air purification system, the portable air purifier takes less time which adds an extra point to it.

As the polluted air enters the portable air purifier or air cleaner, it circulates inside the purifier. When the polluted air reaches the HEPA air filters, all pollutants get trapped into it. The meshes of HEPA air filters are made up of fine fibres which appear as criss-cross. All viruses and other pollutants get trapped into it making the air purified. Other microbiological entities that prevailed in the air, also get trapped in the HEPA air filters of portable air purifiers. The covid-19 viruses can be checked by the use of a portable air purifier.

It is proven that the HEPA air filters can remove up to 99.9% of pollutants from the air. If you live in your house with your loved ones, you can use the best air purifiers of HEPA technology. The air-borne particles of .3 microns can be trapped into the meshes of it. No matter, the particles are bigger or smaller, it can trap all of these one go. The virus never floats in the air singly. They always float with an extra layer of substance in the form of saliva, or mucus. When this affected mucus and saliva gets inhaled by the healthy person, the virus penetrates the respiratory lumen which can further cause severe damage to the body.

It is believed that the virus is of very small size that cannot be seen with naked eyes. For that purpose, the air purifiers need to have robust air purification machinery. The HEPA air filters are specialized ones that can trap viruses of small lengths also.

The portable air cleaners or air purifiers are the magic bullets for the whole air purification process. All portable air purifiers have an additional layer of air purification level, which helps in the effective air purification process. With other covid protocols like masking up and maintaining social distancing, you can also buy the best air purifier for home to get good air quality.  By installing one good portable air purifier or air cleaner, you can get the perfect air purification process.

Tips To Install A Portable Air Purifier

In the market, there are many types of air purifiers that purify the inside air. But you have to be specific about the use of it. 

Following are the tips for installing an air purifier:

  • Ensure Whether The Air Purifier Has HEPA Air Filters
    When you go to buy a portable air purifier, always check the availability of HEPA air filters. Some air purifiers claim that they effectively strain out the pollutants, but actually, they don't. So, it is very important to check the availability of HEPA air filters in portable air purifiers.  HEPA filters are the backbone of any portable air purifier which should be checked before installing one in your room.
  • Know Your Room Dimensions For Instalment Of Portable Air Purifier
    The size of the room matters here the most. A portable air purifier’s efficiency depends on the dimensions of the room also. In a small room, the air purification process can be very quick. But in larger dimensions of the rooms, the portable air purifier efficiency can be halted due to the large space.  As the air purifier is portable, it can be relocated to any place.
  • Check The Design Of The Portable Air Purifier
    Portable air purifiers are designed to process the whole air purification in the air.  They tend to kill many viruses and bacteria which can cause many respiratory diseases to humans. Many portable air purifiers have a slim design to look attractive. Some slim fit purifiers can channelize the viruses to the core of HEPA air filters to get trapped into this. 


Portable air purifiers are one of the best devices for eliminating the covid-19 viruses from the air along with bacteria.  These air purifiers have HEPA air filters for trapping the air-borne pollutants into their fine meshes to purify the indoor air. You can best buy an air purifier of portable nature to ensure the best quality of air. It reaches your body for the breathing process.

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