As the world is succumbing to the coronavirus outbreak, we humans are struggling to keep our surroundings clean and safe. To break the chain of corona outbreaks, we stick to the guidelines like masking ourselves and sanitizing the surroundings as well as ourselves. But, Is that all enough? Are we completely secure from the covid-19 virus?  This question still looms over us.

Proper ventilation in our living area is required for preventing illnesses and the transmission of viruses and bacteria. You can ensure this by setting HEPA air purifiers in your living areas. The HEPA air purifiers can do air purification and make it safe for the inhaling process. To some extent, these air purifiers can also reduce the covid-19 virus infection. To keep your loved ones safe, you can always set a reliable air purification system for it.

In the context of air purification, it is said that “the more air it exchanges, the cleaner the air becomes”. A reliable air purifier has the capability of exchanging air at a rapid rate, so that you can get fresh as well as safe air for inhalation. Here, the air cleaner has a certain layering of filters that work in this direction of air purification. HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) purifiers can also reduce the infection of coronavirus. However, no strong reasons are there for the complete eradication of the covid-19 virus with HEPA purifiers. But it can be useful in breaking the chains of infection.

To prevent the outbreak of coronavirus, we need to supplement our safety measures. And the installation of an air purifier is one of them.

The Transmission Of Covid-19 Virus

According to an article by WHO, it is said that coronavirus is an airborne pollutant. It can get transmitted through touching the contact points and through respiratory droplets. The covid-19 virus can also transmit through air droplets. The virus can remain in the air for a long time, which causes the deadly disease.

When the infected person or individual goes into the air, their hands carry the viral particles. These particles can get stuck to other objects they touch in a day. And when some other person (the non-infected) touches that object, the viral particle sticks to them and makes them infected with covid infection.  With this, the virus can enter the eyes, nose, and mouth of the non-infected person, and can cause the deadly disease. When the virus enters the body, it goes on the process of replicating and migrates to other places in the body.

In covid-19 cases, the transmission happens through air droplets also. When anyone sneezes or coughs, they release the droplets in the air, paving the way for virus transmission.  As the virus comes in contact with mucus membranes like the nose, it starts sticking to the membranes and slides down to various areas of the body. The droplets of air inhaled by the healthy person, make them infected with the virus.  Here, the virus can be an airborne pollutant, but its transmission is due to droplet transmission. And to prevent this transmission, you can set up an air purification system. 

The Droplet Transmission And Air-borne Transmission

There is a key difference between air-borne transmission and droplet transmission in their particle size, suspension time, and composition. Both have different values for each of the parameters. The size of respiratory droplets is bigger than the number of viruses and bacteria. It is seen that the viruses hover in the area of 0.1-micron meters in diameter of the droplet. The respiratory droplets are of the size of 5-micron meters and 10-micron meters. These droplets can be filled with an infected person’s saliva, mucus, and water, which contains the viral particles. Because of the heaviness of these droplets, they tend to fall on the contact surfaces for further infection.

Here the heavy droplets fall onto the surface,  but the air-borne particles remain in the air that can be filled with viruses. The droplets can evaporate, but the viruses can still present on the surface waiting for another host. So, you can best buy air purifier for this purpose. 

Viruses are light, so they can easily get trapped into the air particles for further infection. And for this reason, we should be more cautious about virus transmission. Both the mode of transmission can happen in the covid-19 infection. These transmission paths change every day for the covid-19 virus. So, we have to stay more careful and take preventive measures for it. You can go for a natural air purifier for the air purification process.

How Does HEPA Air Purifiers Help In Combating The Respiratory Droplet Transmission?

The HEPA air purifiers are the best kind of air purifiers we have come across. The filters are made up of fine meshes of fibres which can help in trapping microbes and other particles. These air cleaners work by blowing the air into filters for the removal of pollutants from the air. Thus, it purifies the air. If the surrounding air is full of respiratory droplets, then these filters can also trap them and thus produce refined air. The HEPA filters strain out the droplets and make the air clean for safe breathing purposes.

To purify the air to its minute level, the purifier takes up some time. It does not happen instantaneously.  When you switch on any air purifier or air cleaner with a HEPA filter, it will take some time to give effective air purification. The air purifier takes up the air and recirculates in the filters to strain out droplets and air-borne pollutants.  This way, these air purifiers make air fit for the breathing process. You can get the best air purifier for home which is fitted with HEPA filters.

In other words, these air purifiers won’t eliminate the respiratory droplets at your desired rate. But it takes some time to eliminate all kinds of droplets from around the air.  The coronavirus is not an air-borne pollutant, but it's droplets can be removed from the air, which cleans the air. However, you can be still vulnerable to the covid-19 infection. To put this in simple words, you cannot rely fully on the HEPA filters for eliminating the covid-19 viruses.  These are only the other preventive measures against covid-19.

Still, the HEPA filter air purifiers are good for the air purification process. Though it cannot eliminate the covid-19 virus in particular, it can remove all other kinds of dust and allergens from the air. An air cleaner or air purifier purifies the indoor air, and you can inhale the best quality of air.

With the installation of air purifiers and with regular practice of sanitization, we can avoid the outbreak of covid-19.  You can buy the best air purifiers and keep yourself and your loved ones safe indoors. Other types of allergens, like dust mites, pet dander, and smoke can be removed with the help of air purifiers and air cleaners.


Air purifiers are one of the preventive measures against viral infections. The air purifier with HEPA filter can strain out respiratory droplets with minute particles also. For the time being, we are living most of the time indoors only. And for this, you can always go for the installation of a reliable air purification system.

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