Air purifier indoor to improve heart and lungs health

In these modern days, whether you live in a city with a high population or a less populated place where smog forecasts, tiny particles present in the air lead to big problems. This air pollution affects the heart and lungs in large. Air pollution can come in different ways such as traffic, wildfires, factories, power generation or even cooking with wood stoves. We are all exposed to a certain degree of air pollution. This air pollution creates lots of stress in day-to-day life. 

Here let's see the effects of air pollution that affects the people immediately or Long Term exposure to the polluted environment. How sir purifiers boost lungs and heart health.

Effects When Exposed To Air Pollution - Immediate or Long Term 

Air pollution may cause elderly or persons already suffering from heart disease and lung infections and those people with low immune systems will get affected seriously in the short term when exposed to polluted air. Some people working in these polluted areas regularly for the long term will get affected with lung and heart problems.

Medical researchers are more concerned about the very fine particles that pollute the air, especially those that are very fine smaller than 2.5 microns. These fine particles can easily make their way to the lungs and reduce lung functioning when exposed to it for the long term and lead to asthma kind of diseases. These fine particles irritate the blood vessels around the heart and affect the arteries.

How Air Purifiers Can Boost Your Lung And Heart Health

The best air purifiers (air cleaner) have many potential benefits that clean air and keep your respiratory problems away.  This best air purifier for home helps you to keep your lungs and heart-healthy particularly in conditions such as asthma. It helps improve blood pressure and heart rate.

Indoor environments have contaminants such as microorganisms, particles, and gases. Inhalation of this contaminated air may affect your health. Radon is another important contaminant that is released from the radioactive elements from the building materials or cracks of the floor or wall. When people are exposed to such contaminants over the long term to radon, it might result in lung cancer.

Fine or nanoparticles  (smaller than 2.5 μm) are the global risk factor for cardiovascular morbidity, lung functioning, and mortality. Air purification system decreases pollutants in the indoor air. Air cleaners with true HEPA filters capture very fine particles and clean 99.97% of the airborne particles. This clean air reduces the potential negative effects of pollution.

Researchers mainly focussed on the fine particulate matter (PM2.5) that is emitted from vehicles, factories, power plants, fires, and smoking. Many studies suggest that this is the major type of air pollutant that leads to cardiovascular and metabolic health degradation.

Several studies explain using the best air purifiers (clean air machines) helps in the improvement of blood pressure and heart rate. In China, researchers conducted a small case study with 35 healthy college students in Shanghai. Researchers have found that using an air purification system reduced the concentration of particulates of 2.5 μm by about 57%. Furthermore using the best air purifiers has improved the blood pressure levels and 17% drop in fractional exhaled nitrous oxide.

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Who benefits from air purifiers?

People who are allergic to seasonal allergens in the air, have a low immune system, elderly people, who already suffer from lung infection and heart diseases.

Asthma Patients

Asthma is another common disease that affects the lungs and causes wheezing, breathlessness, chest tightness, and coughing at night times or early in the morning. Air pollution or viral lung infection will result in asthma. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, some common asthma triggers like mold and dampness, some allergens like dust mites, tobacco smoke, wood dust, or chemicals at work affect the lungs.

People infected with asthma disease have inflamed bronchial tubes when these dust particles enter the lungs again this causes the patients to feel more difficulty. It is important to ensure that the person infected with asthma breathes clean air or else it might increase the infection. Best air purifier for home with true shield HEPA filters absorbs almost 99.97% dust pollutants from the air and helps you breathe fresh and clean air. This air purification system will help asthma patients to get relief from the disease quicker with proper medication.

People Exposed To Toxic Chemicals

The gases in the environmental air contain nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide are found especially in areas of high vehicle traffic. These gases when inhaled will increase the risk of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. EPA estimates that indoor air is two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. It is vital to have the best air purifier for homes in populated and traffic areas.

Household cleaners also contain some toxic chemicals such as ammonia and chlorine. When these chemicals get vaporized it can lead to serious health hazards like tumors, cardiovascular, cancer, or neurological disorders.

Best air purifier for home or air cleaners with true HEPA filters helps you to protect from these toxic chemicals and hazardous gases from the air.

Control Spreading Communicable

Patients come to the hospital with different diseases. Some of the patients have communicable diseases. Natural air purifiers with HEPA filters in the hospitals can be used to control the disease from the infected person to the healthy person. Using natural air purifiers in the patient care rooms who suffer from lung infection and heart diseases helps to improve the patient’s health conditions and recover the person with proper medication.

Common colds and flu are common seasonal problems that can easily spread from one person to the other in the family. Using a natural air purifier with a true shield HEPA filter at home controls the spread of bacteria and viruses from one person to the other.

People Having Disturbed Sleep Due To Allergies

It is common to get allergic to dust mites, bacteria or fungus suspended in the air. These allergies cause repeated sneezing, congested nose, runny nose, sore throat, and more especially during night times. These allergic symptoms may disturb your routine sleep. Sleep is most important for good health. Sleeplessness makes you feel tired all the time and disturbs your daytime work. This creates stress and affects your health again.

Best buy air purifiers with true shield HEPA filters capture these allergens from the air. This will help you free from allergic diseases and help you feel fresh and active all the time. This best buy air purifier ensures you are free from allergens and helps to have good sleep and a healthy environment.


Air we breathe is more vital to enhance our health. Living in more polluted areas affects people  with many health issues. Many researchers and many studies showed the importance of indoor air purity and how it improves your lungs and heart health. Inhaling pure air will reduce your stress to a great extent.

AerMax 500 air purifiers with true shield HEPA filter control the air pollution 99.97% and enhance the health condition especially required for people with the low immune system, already infected with lungs and heart patients. It also helps people with seasonal allergies, smoke, dust mites, and other particles in the environment.

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