The Air Purifier For Air Purification

Your home is supposed to be the safest place on this earth. It should be free of any type of pollutants. As you live most of the time in your homes, it should be in its best quality. Air quality is one such parameter which should be concerned considerably for breathing good air quality. It is seen that the air is the medium of many types of air-borne pollutants which inhaled can cause many types of diseases. These diseases can be deadly as well as less deadly. But damages in the body are considerable. Air pollution and other pollution-related activities pollute the indoor air as well. Pollen, pet dander, dust, irritants, allergens, all make their way to your homes through the air. These things are categorized into a single term called air-borne pollutants.

India has a lot more air pollution in urban areas as compared to rural areas. It means people living in urban areas are more prone to air-borne diseases than rural ones. For this, a natural air purifier is required which can help in the cleaning of air in their homes. You cannot control the outdoor air, but you can control your indoor air quality by the air purifier installation. 

The air residing indoors can also contain air-borne pollutants which can harm your body.  To prevent such polluted air inhalation, you can buy the best air purifier for your home from the market. There are many types of air purification systems available in the market which you can buy. An air purifier contains specialized air filters which help in trapping the air-borne pollutants in its meshes. The mold spores, viruses, bacteria, all get trapped into the filters for cleaning the air.

Finding the perfect air purifier or air cleaner can be tough work, but knowing about the best air purifiers for the home helps you with this. In the market, there are plenty of air purifiers that help in rapid air purification. But for your homes, you need to be specific about the type of air purifier or air cleaner you use.

What Is An Air Purifier?

An air purifier or air cleaner is a device that removes all kinds of contaminants from the air.  The air purifiers are manufactured in all shapes and sizes. It can be fixed in one place to be portable.  The air cleaner can also be combined with an HVAC system for perfect air purification. Moreover, the air purifiers also freshen up the rooms by circulating god quality of air. For homes, some good types of air purifiers should be installed to get effective air purification in homes.

Best Air Purifiers For Homes

1.  UV Light Technology Air Purifiers

As the name suggests, this technology of air purification uses a certain wavelength of UV light. The UV light air purifier has the potential of removing harmful viruses from the indoor air. The light acts on the viral coats of DNA and RNA which is responsible for many types of deadly diseases.  The air cleaner resists viruses’ replication power so that they cannot multiply further.

The home UV air purifiers come in small shapes with compact designs to give your house a good look. It is all proved that the UV light air purifier destroys the viral populations from the air in a quick time. The air cleaner is efficient in the air purification process, so it comes at a little high cost, depending on the models.  Further, the air purifiers of UV light can also destroy the mold spores and other microbiological entities in the indoor air. The air purifiers use a special bulb for the UV light emissions for the air purification process.  For maintenance purposes, you can change the UV lamps or bulbs once a year to get effective cleaning of your home’s indoor air. The UV bulbs also depend on the model used in this reference.

2.  HEPA Technology Air Purifiers

HEPA stands for the high-efficiency particulate air. This technology is one of the oldest air purification technologies in the world.  It captures the small particulate matter also in its meshes. HEPA air purifiers are made up of advanced and efficient fibres for the capturing of particulate matter. It is believed that the HEPA air purifier can remove up to 99.9% of pollutants from the air.  You can buy the best air purifier for home HEPA air filters to get a good quality of air. All particles of 0.2microns can be removed from the polluted air through this system. Further, the HEPA air purification system effectively destroys the mold spores and other irritants from the indoor air in a quick time. As far as maintenance is concerned,  the HEPA filters are a low-cost type. They require the replacement in 3 months.  But you can also clean up the filters to maintain the air purification process. One limitation of the HEPA filters is that they cannot trap the microorganisms prevalent in the air. So, consider this fact before buying the HEPA air purifier. However, the air Purifier can trap the microorganisms of larger dimensions.  But not a small one. The most important purpose of HEPA air purifiers is the removal of air particulate matter from the indoor air.

3.  Activated Carbon Air Purifiers

The activated air purifiers are also prevalent in the air purification system market. The air purification system uses the carbon in the activated stage which absorbs the pollutants from the air.  It also discards the foul smell from the air and freshens up the whole surrounding of your home. The activated carbon can also be combined with the other HEPA filters or UV light to get effective air purification technology. Activated carbon is present in the air purifier or air cleaner as small molecules which are porous. These pores of activated carbon absorb the pollutants and don’t let them loosen up. Hence,  it is used for the whole process of air purification in homes.

If your homes are vulnerable to any sort of foul smells, pet dander, and other dust particles, then the air purifier with the activated carbon technology is a good fit for it. All types of odors, chemicals get eliminated from the air with the help of this type of air purifier. However, to remove the microbes from the indoor air, the activated carbon air purifier is combined with the HEPA system.

4.  Ionizer Type Air Purifiers

The ionic air purifiers work on the principle of electrostatic attraction principle.  These types of air purifiers are more silent than the upper ones. They do not possess any motors, hence no sound is produced.  The ionizer type air cleaner emits negative ions into the air which bonds with the pollutants like dust and pollen. This bond makes the pollutants heavy and hence, causes the downfall of the pollutant.  The air purifier can also employ the electrostatic precipitator for the elimination of air-borne pollutants. The ionizer-type air purifiers are a bit hectic to maintain, but can sufficiently serve the purpose of air purification.


The best air purifiers for homes depend well on your needs for air purification. What level of air purification you need should be clear in your head.  Before you go to the best buy air purifier,  consider all sorts of purification technology. The above-mentioned air purification systems are all well adapted for home air purification and freshening up the indoor air.

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