Install An Air Purifier To Get Rid Of Covid-19 Virus

The pandemic has urged all of us to find effective ways of disinfection and infection prevention.  The covid-19 virus is said to have the deadliest viral genome which transforms rapidly due to the mutations caused.  The present and past months have shown us how the virus transmits from one person to another, through droplet transmission. This transmission can be effectively tackled by the use of the best air purifiers which can prevent viral transmission in the air. 

Due to the pandemic, people are urged to stay inside of their homes to break the chain of infection. The need for the prevention of covid-19 disease, the new ray of advanced air purifiers has come up to the rescue. These air purifiers are made up of advanced and effective air purification technology to produce the purified air.  However, the installation of a mere air purifier or air cleaner will not solve the problem of virus transmission. People need to mask up and maintain social distance as well to prevent deadly diseases. The air cleaner will work as an add-on to these safety practices.

The viral chunks can also be found in the aerosols which are found in the environment as emissions. These aerosols can be one of the causes of droplet transmission of the covid-19 virus. In this case, the virus-bearing aerosols can come to your secure homes also. So, to eliminate such conditions, you can buy the best air purifier for home. The air purifiers can eliminate the viral particles with the dust, smoke, and other items of air-borne pollutants. But still, the other form of prevention from coronavirus should be maintained.

Not all types of air purifiers or air purification systems are good for the prevention of the covid-19 virus. Very few air purifiers can eliminate the virus but not to that much effectiveness.  Science and research development is still struggling with the best way to eliminate the virus from our environment. To break the chain of covid-19 infection, we can use the air purifier in this regard to keep us and our family safe.

The Air Transmission Of Covid-19 Virus

The very first thing in trapping the virus is to know about its features. The covid-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2) has a size of about 60- 140nm which is extremely small in size and very deadly.  The covid-19 virus can ride easily in the air, water and can accumulate on the surface of the biological contaminants.  By this, the virus can transmit from one body to another. 

Scientists claim that the virus has the capability of transmitting itself in a wide range of air dimensions.  It can remain suspended in the air in the form of aerosols which can cause harm to the body.  This way, the virus transmits in the droplet transmission process. Moreover, aerosols can also cause bad and severe allergies to the person who inhales the aerosol-bearing air. At this point effectively traps the virus, an air purification system comes to the rescue to eliminate the presence of such aerosols in the air.

To trap the coronavirus particle, filtration is required which helps in the elimination of the virus from the air. Many air purification companies are researching in this area to make the component of air filtration for trapping the virus.

Air Purification Technologies That Can Tackle The Covid-19 Virus

Though there is no complete effective air purification technology meant for the tackling of the covid-19 virus. But some air purifiers come up with advanced air purification technology that can extensively help in straining out the viral entities.  The air purifier or air cleaner used in this respect is made up of advanced technology which helps in the air purification process.

Some of the air purification technologies are as follows :

1. HEPA Air Purification Technology

HEPA air purifiers have been with us since time immemorial. Its discovery has made air purification very effective.  HEPA is called high-efficiency particulate air which is used in the air purification system for trapping the micro-particles also.  A natural air purifier also can have the HEPA filter to trap the particulate matter also.

The HEPA filters are made up of fine meshes which are designed in a criss-cross manner to trap the particulates. These thin meshes of fibres can trap the particles of dimension 100 nm also.  The other gas molecules surround the particulate matter until it gets trapped in the mesh by the use of van der Waals force. The large particles are attracted to the mesh with help of the electrostatic attraction between the two. This way, the viral particles also get trapped in the HEPA fine meshes. All types of small particulate matter get trapped in the HEPA filters to make the air clean.

The air purifier with a HEPA air filter purifies the surrounding air with full effectiveness.  HEPA filters are the permanent type of air filter.  They are replaced every 3 months.  As far as the covid-19 virus is concerned,  the HEPA filter cannot effectively trap the virus. But can purify the air of many microbiological entities.  This makes the polluted air, purified for breathing purposes.

The hospitals use HEPA air filters to purify the air. As the hospital air is called the breeding ground of many microbes and nosocomial infections. To tackle the infections here, the installation of a HEPA air filter air purification system is done.

2. UV -Light Air Purifiers Or Cleaners

The UV -light is called the destroyer of the DNA and RNA of the many bacterial and viral cells which are present in the air. The air purifier with UV light technology can work in this regard very efficiently. As the polluted air laden with microorganisms comes into the air, the UV light works in it.  Here the range of UV light stops the DNA of the viral particles and hence, stops the multiplication of it in the air. Hence, this way the air got purified for the breathing process.

The UV light technology can be used with the combination of some other air purification technology to ensure effective air purification. Other technologies like activated carbon method, ionizers all can be useful for the process of elimination of viruses.  Some absorbents also work in this regard to purify the air.  If you are thinking of safeguarding yourself and your family from the covid-19 virus, then you can certainly best buy an air purifier with UV light technology. It eradicates the virus from the air and thus, helps in breaking the chain of droplet transmission.

UV light typically deactivates the bacteria and viruses that trigger a chemical reaction.  The reaction further fuses with the adjacent thymine bases in the DNA of the viruses and uracil bases at RNA.  These types of dimers in the genetic material of the viruses jams the whole machinery of DNA replication. And thus, eliminates the microbiological entities from the air.


The air purifiers with the above air purification technology can tackle the covid-19 virus. It further helps in breaking the chain of coronavirus infection. Air purification systems with advanced technology can eliminate the microbiological entities and other air-borne pollutants from the air.  Practice the norms of covid-19 guidelines to ensure the effectiveness of the air purification by the air purifiers.

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