Air Purifier Maintenance Tips

The significance of air purifiers is well understood with this COVID-19 outbreak. Air purifiers remove the contaminants in the air and provide us with fresh air to breathe in. There are various types of air purifiers or air cleaners available in the market. It is important to understand the basic working principle of the air purifier and the maintenance of the air purifier. It is important to understand how to get the best outcome from the air purifier and make it last for long years. Here we are going to discuss how to clean the air purifier or air cleaner or change the air filters and make it work well for the long years.

How To Make Air Purifier Work Better For Long Years

An air purifier is a potential device that helps you to keep your indoor air pure and allows you to stay in a clean and safe environment. When you are purchasing an air purifier it is vital to read the manufacturer’s recommendation on maintenance i.e., cleaning or replacing filters. If you want the best outcome of the best air purifier to last long then you pay attention to the maintenance tips offered.

Effective and efficient performance of the air purifier can be obtained by the proper care of the air purification system. There are different types of air purification systems, some air purifiers have a series of filters through which the contaminants in the air can be removed. The filters used in the air purification system when used for most days, will be filled with contaminants and lose their effectiveness. The filters need to be cleaned properly or to be replaced to have the continued effectiveness of the filter.

Some of the medical-grade air purifiers are designed to capture airborne bacteria, viruses, or other pathogens. It is designed in such a way that it not only removes dust particles, smoke, pollen, pet dander from the air but also traps all the microorganisms that float on the air and deactivate them. More care is to be taken while removing the filter and cleaning them. Periodic cleaning and maintenance ensure the operating efficiency of your best air purifiers.

Why Should Air Purifier Is To Be Maintained Proactively

Best Air purifiers or air cleaners that are developed with the recent technologies that come with air quality indicators, replacement of air filter or sensor indicators. The high-quality air purifiers need to be checked regularly and clean or replace the filters accordingly. 

If your air purifiers have indicators then well and good, clean the air purifiers as the indicator is blown. Unplug the air purification system and check your manual and read how to remove filters or remove sensors from the air purification unit to clean it.

Ensure the best air purifier is completely removed from the power supply. If the internal fan is present in the air purifier then wait for minutes for the blades of the fan to come to rest. Then the air pulled by the internal fan also has some dust over it. Clean the blades of the fan slowly with a clean cloth or sponge.

If your air purifier comprises filters then remove the filters carefully putting gloves in your hands. Some filters are permanent filters and cannot be removed. Some filters are washable and some filters have an expiry and need to be replaced before it expires. These things need to be understood from the manufacturer’s manual. Since the air purifier differs from the manufacturer’s design it is a must to keep the manufacturer’s manual at a safe place for reference. 

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How To Clean Air Purifiers With Air Purifying Filters (Pre-Filters, Carbon Filters, HEPA Filters)

These days, filter-based air purifiers are most popularly used. Air purifiers use different filters to remove contaminants in the air. 

Pre-filters are used in air purifiers to capture large particles in the air. This pre-filter is used to prevent the damage of cost-effective filters inside. This pre-filter prevents the large particles from piercing the cost-effective filters. It comes at minimal cost and also can easily be replaced or washed. These pre-filters need to be checked regularly and have to be cleaned once a month. These pre-filters can be removed easily from the air purifier and can be gently washed with disinfectants or as mentioned by the manufacturer.

HEPA filters are the most effective filters that are made up of interlaced glass fibers and formed into a maze-like structure. These HEPA filters are very effective and are also referred to as medical-grade filters. It can easily trap 99.9% of contaminants that are larger than 0.3 microns from the air. These HEPA  filters trap all the airborne particles, dust mites, pollens, pet danders, fine threads, airborne microorganisms, or aerosols that are present in the air. These HEPA filters are a little expensive to replace. Nowadays the best air purifiers come with IoT-enabled monitoring systems. This indicates when the expiry date of the HEPA filter is near. HEPA filters need to be replaced one or two years once depending on the usage. If the best air purifier for home with HEPA filter used for the domestic purpose is that it lasts nearly 2 years. If the HEPA air purifiers are used for the commercial purpose then it is to be checked once in six months and to be replaced at least once in a  year.

Carbon Filters

Carbon filters are the most commonly used filters in most air purifiers. The ability of activated finely grained carbon to absorb odors, smoke, tobacco, harmful chemicals, gases in the indoor environment. Other filters do not remove this odor or harmful gases in the indoor environment. It is vital to regularly change this filter regularly as it gets easily trapped with smoke or tobacco in the environment. It depends on the usage of the best air purifiers for home.  These carbon filters help you protect from the toxic chemicals in the air and keep your lungs and heart-healthy. Regular maintenance of these filters helps you live in a safe environment.

How To Clean Electrostatic Air Purifier

These electrostatic best air purifiers for home do not contain any filter in them. These air purifiers pull air inside the purifier, ionizes the particles or microorganisms in the air, and attract these ionized particles in the collecting plate. These electrostatic air purifiers are easy to clean and maintain regularly. The collecting plate is to be cleaned in the center of the tap or disinfectants can be used to clean this plate. The dirty particles or pollutants in the air get accumulated in the plate depending on the usage. If the plate is not cleaned regularly then the efficiency of the electrostatic air purifier gets diminished.

How To Clean The External Surface

The External surface of the air purifier can be cleaned easily with wet cloth or sponge, same as that of cleaning the blades of the fan. Ensure no water goes into the air purifier. Let it dry for some time before using.


Maintaining best buy air purifiers is vital to enjoying the clean air for long years. Recent development in technology, best buy air purifiers are IoT enables you to monitor the indoor air quality from wherever you are. Indications when the maintenance is required and replacing the filter. This helps you easily get notified and maintain your best buy air purifiers for long days.

AerMax 500 - air cleaner is the best IoT-enabled air purifier design with the best monitoring ensures you enjoy the clean and safe environment for long days.

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