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Affordable small animal imaging

The UVP iBox Studio touch is sophistication and ease-of-use in one system for high resolution small animal fluorescence imaging. From in depth in vivo studies to quick screening, researchers can use this compact yet powerful imaging system to perform their choice of in vivo fluorescence applications. Camera and light source options provide maximum flexibility in system configuration.

Versatility of a wide spectrum:

The UVP iBox Studio in vivo fluorescence imaging system is versatile and can support imaging of any probe in the visible to near infrared (NIR) range (400 to 900 nm). NIR imaging minimizes skin autofluorescence (~650 nm) and allows 3x to 8x deeper penetration. The wide spectrum also offers more options for multiplex labeling. This capability enables visualization of tissue/tissue interaction, enhanced signal to background ratio, and detection of multiple fluorescent proteins or labels.

High performance cameras and software:

Optimize your application by choosing between two high performance cooled camera options. Each camera is configured with the UVP iBox Studio to enable rapid in vivo imaging and repeat observation with minimal disturbance to the subject.

The included VisionWorks Software tools provide users with the freedom to apply image enhancement and analysis features when needed. They create uncompromised raw data and preserve this true data, promising the highest quantitative value. The enhancement and analysis features include many powerful tools, such as colony counting, area density, noise reduction, background subtraction, inversion, pseudocolor, compositing, and more.

Optional anesthesia system:

Several components are combined in the optional UVP anesthesia system in order to regulate and administer a combination of oxygen and isoflurane/sevoflurane gas to the animal. The initial anesthesia is performed in the induction chamber. The animal is then moved to the warming plate inside the iBox darkroom and connected to a nose cone. The warming plate generates uniform temperature conditions which maintain a safe body temperature of the animal during the imaging process. A multiple-port manifold allows up to three at one time. A pull-out tray in the darkroom enables hassle-free placement of mice in the darkroom chamber. A low profile breathing device on the plate connects to patented valves. The system’s non-rebreathing technology prevents backflow of gases into the darkroom and ensures user safety.



UVP iBox Studio

Light Sources 
  • Overhead: white, red, green and blue LEDs included
  • NIR and UVP eLITE optional
Filter WheelFive-position automated filter wheel
Darkroom Features 
  • 13.3” integrated, multi-touch computer
  • Fold-down door
  • Warming plate for temperature regulation (up to 3 mice)
  • USB port (right panel of unit)
  • 6 additional USB ports (back side of unit)
  • Access port for optional UVP eLITE Light Source
  • Access port for gaseous anesthesia system
Accessories included 
  • GFP and RFP emission filters
  • VisionWorks Software for image capture, enhancement and analysis (unlimited licenses)
  • Flash drive with VisionWorks Software (license free)
  • Empty flash drive for data and image storage
  • Keyboard and mouse (touch screen systems only)
Dimensions: L x W x H41 x 46 x 61 cm (16 x 18 x 24 inch)
Wireless network capabilityWireless network capable, Wi-Fi, accessory for wired-to-ethernet connection available
Analytik Jena
UVP iBox Studio

Two high performance cooled camera options

Illumination sources – RGBW LEDs and NIR lasers

Included warming plate for up to 3 mice on ergonomic slide out tray

VisionWorks software for one-touch workflows

Integrated 13.3” touch screen computer

Small, compact footprint maximizes the use of laboratory bench space

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